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The Arts - Elementary Curriculum

The Montessori Arts curriculum encompasses the following strands: Visual Art, Music, Dance and Drama. The curriculum is designed to develop and enhance a range of skills. Art appreciation, creativity, expression, communication and movement are areas that are focused upon in the Arts curriculum.

Visual Arts

Students are exposed to various styles of art, drawing, sculpting and painting. They learn about famous artists and how their work has influenced our culture. Students explore various are techniques and use these techniques to develop their own works of art.


Music in the Montessori curriculum is intended for appreciation and understanding. Students are exposed to a large repertoire of classical composers. They develop an awareness and appreciation for music and have many opportunities to interpret the emotional context of each piece. The curriculum discusses the basic elements of music by exploring rhythm, beat and tempo.

Dance and Drama

Dance and drama are expressive forms of art that encompass imagination, communication and movement. In the Montessori curriculum students explore the use of gestures and movement by using verbal and non-verbal forms of communication. They develop the necessary skills needed to convey thoughts and feelings to an audience.