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Botany & Zoology - Elementary Curriculum

The study of biology begins by exposing the child to a variety of plants and animals from each of the phyla and classes.

Games, Research, and Detailed Study

The child is presented with a series of games and research questions that allow him or her to gain knowledge about various organisms. Knowledge of each type of animal and plant is expanded through detailed study.

In these detailed studies, each type of plant and animal is analyzed with respect to:

  • characteristics
  • parts
  • function

Taxonomical Classification System

The large knowledge base and experience that the child has acquired is used to introduce the taxonomical classification system. The study of classification proceeds as follows:

  • introduction to the five kingdoms
  • a detailed study of two kingdoms: Kingdom Plantae and Kingdom Animalia

Children who have completed this work are able to trace the genealogy of a plant or animal in the same way that botanists and zoologists do today.